Tips to Get Better at 9 × 9 Go

Learning Methodology

Know the rules of 9 × 9 Go and keep in mind that all top players know the rules but not all players who know the rules are top players. Play 9x9 Go games against stronger opponents. Go to Go masters or read Go books for instruction on how to play 9 × Go better. Have your games analyzed with a verified superhuman Go AI. Make understanding of why the best moves are there. Write proverbs to remind you of how 9 × 9 Go should be played. The proverbs should be accompanied with Go diagrams and detailed simple descriptions. If you can't explain how to play 9 × 9 Go simply, with your proverbs and the accompanying materials, you don't understand 9 × 9 Go well enough.

Introduction to WGA Verified Go AI


WGA verified Go AI is the moblie application called A Master of Go, with KataGo engine and the b18nbt neural network, which has achieved superhuman performance in 9 × 9 Go. The AI won (2:0) against the old KataGo that topped the charts of human Go servers in 2019. KataGo is superhuman at or above 128 visits per move, according to Wang et al. (2023).

Annotated Games of KataTest 9 Dan

Game Reviews

Winning games of the invincible superhuman Go AI like KataTest 9 Dan are quality games every players should study, to find both the inherrent weakness and the best strategy and tactics of 9 × 9 Go. Now, we have a verified Go AI that clearly understand the games of KataTest, and can correct the wrong moves played by KataTest. Game records with full annotation will be given in the Review section.



Proverbs on 9x9 Go give advice or say something that is generally true about 9 × 9 Go, or say the principles of 9 × 9 Go that explains how 9 × 9 Go is best played, based on the observed strategy and tactics in the winning games of a verified Go AI that has achieve superhuman performance and can beat other Go AIs that are themselves superhumans.